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We close our eyes for a moment, and we imagine. We imagine an artist’s studio, canvases animated with patterns and palettes loaded with gouache. We imagine colours awakened under the painter's brush. What if this imagination could light up our decor? Quickly, we open our eyes wide to the “imagination” collection. This new collection is certainly the trendiest of the season, but it's also the one that speaks to everyone. Far from being select, it borrows the most beautiful colours from a great painter of our time. And when it comes to the artist's atmosphere, we couldn't do better: all the patterns are entirely handmade, painted with gouache! Whether they are micro, vegetal, floral or landscape, the patterns stand out in simplified forms with naive strokes and filled with bright colours. These large coloured areas transform our walls into a mural. A perfect mural for any room in the house, from the office to the living room, from the bedroom to the dining room. In short, it is the dec

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