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DIY - Fall palms

Make your fall palms thanks to the tutorial from Kriboute.

To your wallpaper scraps!

Steps of realization:

étape 1 étape 2
Step 1: Choose your papers and cut a piece of 20 cm by 40 cm. Step 2: Fold it in half so that it has a square form and draw a water drop shape. Narrow at the top and wider at the bottom.
étape 3 étape 4
Step 3:
Cut out your shape.
Step 4: Make an accordion with your paper. The strips about 1 cm wide.
étape 5 étape 6
Step 5: Unfold your palm leaf Step 6: Bring together the bottom of your palm leaf.
étape 7 étape 8
Step 7: Add tape to secure the bottom of your leaf. Step 8: Adjust the top of the leaf by cutting to create a point.
étape 9 étape 10
Step 9: For a pretty finish and to hide the tape, wrap a little string at the bottom of your palm leaf. Step 10: Add a small cane to the desired size.












DIY palmes automne

Your palm is ready! Don't hesitate to mix colours and prints!


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